Dear Tenderers

Myanma Railways has received enquiries to clarify certain issues regarding the RFP document. Summary of all questions and response of Myanma Railways are stated below.

As stated in the RFP document, the copies of the Myanma Railways response are forwarded to all purchasers of the Tendering Documents, including a description of the inquiry.

Q:         Can Myanmar Railways be the Joint Venture Partner?

A:         Myanma Railways will not be Joint Venture partner

Q:         Any other Development model apart from BOT and JV?

A:         The Tenderer may propose mutually beneficial and economically viable business model.
As posted in our website www.yangonrailwaystation.com.mm under Questions & Answers (24 April 2014)
There are various business models we could refer to, and also there is clear guideline in MIC Law, such as BOT, JV, etc. We would look into the competitive proposal submitted by the potential developers. Obviously, we will choose the option that would benefit best for the country.

Q:         What are the Applicable Laws?

A:         As defined under Article 1.1.1 of Draft Concession Agreement;
“Applicable Law” means all laws, including rules, directions, guidelines, regulations and notifications made thereunder and having the force of law, and judgments, decrees, injunctions, writs and orders of any court of record, as may be in force and effect in Myanmar during the subsistence of this Agreement

Q:         Any certificate to clarify the accurate area?

A:         All Exhibits including Yangon Central Railways Station Yard and Basic Development Zoning are indication only. Exact coordinates are to be determined. Please refer to Section 2.1.2 of ITT

Q:         Any principles regarding the zoning plan, green building and land use regulation ?

A:         Abiding existing rules and regulations, the Tenderer may propose ‘best practice’.

Q:         What is the scope of work of the In-house consultant?

A:         As stated under Section 2.2.3 of ITT

Q:         Tender Document submission address

A:         We have sent you email stating submission address and also posted in our website www.yangonrailwaystation.com.mm under Announcement – 1

Q:         Any detail information on Tender Evaluation?

A:         Clearly stated under Section 25.  Tender Evaluation Procedures, Section 26. Process to be Confidential and Section 28. Evaluation of Tender

Q:         What are the responsibilities of the Concessionaire?

A:         As stated in our Essential Policy, which includes;

  1. To identify and establish transport interchanges is essential.
  2. To minimize the disturbance to train operation during the construction stage and also during operation stage
  3. To establish commercial buildings, office rent complexes, multistoried buildings is to be considered, etc.
  4. The development shall be sustainable and environmental friendly.

Q:         Is there any further information on Station Building planning?

A:         Stated clearly under Section 2.1.3 c) iii.

Q:         Can we obtain Topo Survey data?

A:         Under Enclosure 2, Item 2, for the integrated Program, a) Investigation and Site Preparation which includes Soil Investigation and Topo Survey. It is the responsibility of the Tenderer to obtain the necessary Topo Survey data.

Q:         Clarify the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for the Non Station Zone and clarify the maximum height of project

A:         ITT has defined adequately for the requirements. The tenderer could propose additional items in their submission for MR’s consideration and evaluation

Q:         Issues related to Land Use Premium and Annual rent

A:         ITT has defined adequately for the requirements. The tenderer could propose additional items in their submission for MR’s consideration and evaluation

Q:         Can you assist in the process of obtaining loan and any submission according to related statutory procedures?

A:         MR shall review the request for necessary documents and provide if it is deemed necessary, however MR shall take no responsibility for the obtaining of loan and shall not involve in the loan process. It is clearly stated in Draft Concession Agreement (Article 8.2 a - Render all reasonable assistance to the Concessionaire to facilitate it for procuring Applicable Permits)

Q:         Can you provide further information on station and/ or platform reestablishment plan

A:         ITT has defined adequately for the requirements. The tenderer could propose additional items in their submission for MR’s consideration and evaluation

Q:         Issues related to Relocation Schedule

A:         The Relocation Schedule should be included in the Project Master Program

Q:         Issues related to Concession Agreement

A:         Draft DCA Article 2 (C) stated clearly and all signing of agreement are to be as per existing laws and regulation

Q:         How to balance off the cost for relocation facilities?

A:         The Tenderer to propose the plan as stated in Section 2.1.1 (iv)

Q:         Will Myanmar Railways consider accepting the annual average turnover of all business ?

A:         The Tenderers may submit the total turnover.

Q:         Can the tenderer submit proposal for the certain parts of project?

A:         The RFP is meant for the whole station area development and no partial proposal shall be entertained.

Q:         Will the letter from the bank address to tenderer?

A:         The letter from the bank could be addressed to the tenderer.

Q:         Is the letter from the bank to be on the template (form) provided in the RFP?

A:         All the templates (forms) provided in the RFP are samples. However, the information submitted must include all the texts as stated in the respective template (form).